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Direct Basic Cremation Dahlonega GA Lowest Total Cost (5) Cremation. (770) 765-3766 Free pickup anywhere in Metro Atlanta area. Call NOW to notify us or call for Appointment today or drop by to see our beautiful facilities.

We offer the best price cremation services in the Metro Atlanta area and provide free pickup of the body at no additional charge. We have provided this Video to clearly show the Cremation Process so you will understand why it has become so widely accepted in the United States. Just remember, we respect the rights of the family and will help you choose based on beliefs and financial considerations.

Poole Funeral Home & Cremation Services
1970 Eagle Drive
Woodstock, GA 30189
Phone: (770) 765-3766

Our Story

Our story begins with our founder, Brian Poole. After 24 years in the funeral business, Brian dreamed of having a funeral home where someone involved in our community made the decisions. He has experienced first-hand the effects of corporate ownership on the funeral industry. Funeral prices continually rise with no regard to the needs of the community. Families’ needs go unmet because decisions are not made locally. As Brian has said, “After spending 24 years working with families, I believe the best way to serve is when a funeral home is locally owned. We can give back to the community we know and love. That is what we will do here in North Georgia.”

Because of Brian’s vision, hard work, and dedication to our community, we now have such a place. Poole Funeral Home and Cremation Services at Woodstock is a locally owned facility, built specifically to serve the people of our community. Here we provide funeral services, cremation service, caskets, and urns, always bearing in mind our commitment to provide service and value to our clients. Brian put it this way, “We are local people serving local families. This is our home. We want everyone in our community to feel welcome here.”

We value our community.

It is very important to our founder, Brian Poole, that Poole Funeral Home at Woodstock give back to the community he has called home since 2011.

Poole Funeral Home and Cremation Services at Woodstock will give a 10% tithe to the Church of the passed Church member, in their honor.

For non-church members, Poole Funeral Home and Cremation Services at Woodstock will make a 10% donation to one of three locally recognized charities.

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Direct Basic Cremation Dahlonega GA

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